English european countries

english european countries

Check out Jakub Marian's European Union competency in English map to know where in Europe people can speak the best English. In the developing world, English is less of a foreign language skill and And for small countries with few native-language speakers, it also. This handy map -- compiled by Czech linguist Jakub Marian -- displays which European countries are most proficient in English, and where. Thu Oct 04, 3: One World Nations Online. As a consequence of the outcome of the Wars of Independence though, the English of Lothian who lived under the King of Scots had to accept Scottish identity. A friend of mine who spent some time in the UK said that he was quickly and rather emphatically informed on a couple of occasions that the language he spoke was not "English", but "American". I think you have enough countries in Europe where you can eat some real nice food and drink proper coffee. I thought Italy was a bit hard to communicate in since most poeple I met there didn't speak much english, but usually you get by anyway. Fri Jul 27, 3: Photos Search Photo Albums Top Photographers Upload Photo Index. The census also asked for the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual: EF English Proficiency Index [18]. The proforma question "do you speak English" will usually result in a "Yes" of sorts and is the polite way. The proforma question "do you speak English" will usually result in a "Yes" of sorts and is the polite way. List of official, national and spoken Languages of Europe. The rise of Modern English began around the fifteenth century, with Early Modern English reaching its literary pinnacle at the time of William Shakespeare. The "additional languages" figure is the difference. The British colonial history of Cyprus has left Cypriots with a good level of English but it is no longer an official language in either the Greek south side of the island, formally known as the Republic of Cyprus or the Turkish north, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus though English remains official in the SBAs. Stardoll.de deutsch speakers were actually established in Lothian by the punk princess century, [ citation needed ] but remained confined there, and english european countries contracted slightly to the advance of the Gaelic language. It has only been with the current "internet" generation that English language education has expanded in popularity in France, Spain, Germany, etc. This page was last edited on 21 July , at Anglic speakers were actually established in Lothian by the 7th century, [ citation needed ] but remained confined there, and indeed contracted slightly to the advance of the Gaelic language. Ethnologue, ISO Country Names ISO , ISO Languages Names ISO , and others. Central Statistical Office, [13] Additional language speakers are people age 18—69, who reported English Language as their first of second best foreign language, Central Statistical Office [14] Native language counted as those who speak English at home.

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This multiplied by the census's total population over 5 produces the number in the chart. Current density Current real density based on food growing capacity. Fri May 31, If you have enough time come to Kosova, its a great place to visit, and you would not have problem with English here at all. Varieties by geographic location Delaware Valley; Mid-Atlantic Pennsylvania Dutch Philadelphia; South Jersey Baltimore Midland Midwest Great Lakes; Inland North Upper Midwest Upper Peninsula of Michigan New England Boston Maine Rhode Island Vermont New York City; Northeastern New Jersey New York Latino North Northeast Pennsylvania South Acadiana Appalachia Chesapeake; Pamlico Miami New Orleans Texas West California New Mexico Pacific Northwest Western Pennsylvania. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Tue Aug 08, 7:

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On the other hand, English is on the rise used not only in Europe as a lingua franca, escpecially by the younger generation of Europeans, even so France tried hard to protect its citizens from the unwanted influence of English on French language culture. Click on a coloured area to see an article about English in that country or region. Views Read Edit View history. In the worst case scenario, pointing at stuff at looking at the value in the cash register should get you through most day-to-day situations. Follow her speaking Greek on Twitter at ChloePantazi.




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